Unsplash: Workspaces Inspiration

Our last Workspaces Inspiration had a lot of great buzz. Thanks for the love everyone! We decided to make another collection hand-picked from Unsplash. In today's collection, we are featuring the latest from Ugmonk with his viral minimal, modular organizer (who raised over than 430K on Kickstarter) called: Gather. To learn more, please check out

Cool Tech: Microsoft's Surface Hub 2, the future of teamwork space

Let's just say that Microsoft is innovating, it's a bold statement but they are at the "Avant Garde" with launching really interesting products that can possibly the way we work. It's quite impressive to be honest, I wish their native apps would have better integration to Mac for example. Oh well! They are introducing today the Microsoft's Surface Hub 2.

More Workspaces Inspiration hand-picked from Unsplash

It's been again a little while since our last article on Workspaces Inspiration. Usually, I would find my picks via Pinterest but it's not great. The images are pretty low in resolution and the images aren't well credited for our purposes. I thought about giving a little surf on Unsplash and wow was I surprised. There are a lot of high-quality images and the experience is much friendlier than what's out there.

Workspaces Inspiration: Some Ideas to spice up your productivity

One in a while, we will throw together an Office Inspiration feature to spice up your next workspace idea. Is this something you would like to see more often on ABDZ? Let us know via Twitter. Here we are, back at with another collection of workspaces inspiration. We tried to go in different directions and we were also aiming at picking specific items in the decor that you might find useful for your productivity. Hope you will like it!

33,000sqft Coworking Offices in Hong Kong

The rise of coworking offices and independent entrepreneurs are a thing of a near future. A style of work that is surrounded by a shared environment can be beneficial our one's growth, especially with different organizations on the same roof. We are featuring this beautiful and modern looking 33,000sqft Coworking Offices in Hong Kong for The Work Project. Designed by Bean Buro, you are walking into 4 floors of shared spaces and I gotta admit that vertical garden is just splendid to look at. Imagine working surrounded with an inspiration botanical set. Wow!

Inside the NYC Squarespace HQ

I am a true believer that having the right workspace can really benefit to your productivity and creativity. Especially when your company/employer takes the time to design their space to allow their employees with sofas, moodboard walls, 5à7 and even a terrasse. We are pretty happy to share an inside look at the new Squarespace HQ.

Workspaces Inspiration

I recently met with an ergonomic expert about some thoughts on how we and I spent our entire day working on our computers through phone, notifications, distractions, meetings, emails and whatnot. Really interesting because you wouldn't pay attention but they do make a big difference in the long run. I can share some tips in my upcoming post but for now, let's just sick back and enjoy with some  Workspaces Inspiration.

The Red Town Office by Taranta Creations

Once I met the work of Taranta Creations then I went to see how was their work environment... everything is explained. The space is simply amazing and we can breath creativity in all corners!

Where We Work - Giveaway Winner

Today we will announce the winner of the Where We Work book. A book for those who loves offices, who are amazed by the creativity of some companies to create fantastic work places... the book presents a collection of creative offices around the world.

Where We Work - Book Giveaway

Where We Work is a book for those who loves offices, who are amazed by the creativity of some companies to create fantastic work places... the book presents a collection of creative offices around the world. And fortunately we have one book to giveaway!

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