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Somehow freelancing in our field is something we can all relate to, whenever we've done it (and still do) or you've never done it at all. One thing for sure, it isn't as glamorous as it seems (I've personally did for 8 years) and I can admit that it has its ups and downs. There is a lot more work involved if you compare to a 9-5 schedule because with freelancing, you don't have a schedule. You can work as much as 20 hours a week to 90 hours a week; depending on how you organize your workflow and most importantly how hard you hustle at getting the clients, promoting yourself and etc.

BramTalks on How to Create New Digital Art

We’ve been fans of the work of designer & maker Bram Vanhaeren for quite a while. Based in Antwerp, Belgium, he has been creating and making many works with that distinct style of his with a vibrant colorful palette coming together with unique vector shapes.

Youtube Redesign Concept

This is a very cool redesign concept from Roland Hidvegi a designer from Budapest, Hungary. Youtube is one of the most visited websites in the world and is part of google design so it's cool to see a different view and how other designers would approach it. Check it out! For more from Roland Hidvegi visit

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