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Zombie Apocalypse Scenarios by Anthony Wolff

Zombie Apocalypse Scenarios by Anthony Wolff

With zombie fever all over pop culture, it's pretty easy to find artworks showing us the theme. Some really stand out of the crowd by its creativity and style, and that's the case of these zombie apocalypse scenarios illustrated by French artist Anthony Wolff. These were developed for what it seems to be a board game, but unfortunately I didn't get to find the final game to show you. These remind me a lot of movies like Dawn of the Dead, Shaun of the Dead and games like Dead Island and Project Zomboid. For more of Anthony's work, please visit his portfolio at DeviantART. I hope you enjoy these! Cheers. ;)

Create Plants Vs. Zombie Type in Illustrator

Nowadays it seems that the good video-games era is coming back. Super fancy and graphic elaborated games dominated the early 2000's , but the simplicity and replayability of games as Plants Vs. Zombies will always be more fun than cinematics and complex plots. Anyway, let's skip to the tutorial that it's about this last game. Well, let's not enter on a discussion about what are the best good games nowadays, because we have a tutorial to do. I would classify this one as a intermediary tutorial, but even If you're experienced in Illustrator, you might find some good insights and ideas on it, have fun. Step 1 So, let's first open Adobe Illustrator and create a 70 x 15 cm canvas (command + N / ctrl + N). Step 2 Well, in order to make this less harder I decided to use some fonts as a base to the type, although they're not the same as the original, so that's why we should od some adaptations. I used Impact fo the "plants" type and Samdan for the "zombies' type, i just substituted the "S" for the one on the Impact font. Let's dispose them like this. Step 3 Let's started with the plants type, first create some outlines (command + shift + O / ctral + shift + O), then ungroup them and resize and posicionate them on a less organized way. Also add some green to yellow linear gradient on them. So, using the pencil tool (N) I made a few adjustments on it's corners turning them on round fluffly letters. After adjusting it, add some bold dark green stroke on it. On the stroke panel, choose to use to align the stroke outside. Now duplicate the type, select all the letter then go to the pathfinder panel > Unite. Make it one shape. Select the duplicated type and go to Object > Path > Offset Path and set the panel like the one bellow. Turn the new outline into black, then send it to the back of the previous type. Don't forget to do a few adjustments on this outline like removing some holes. Now using the pen tool (P), create this leaf shape on the first and last letter, then unite them with the letter later. Using the previous tool , make a few wrickles n the leaves. Now finally, let's add some reflexes. Use the previous to do that, don't forget to put them only on one direction, in this case, always on the right side. Ok, now we have a emboss effect properly done, let's skip to the zombie type. Step 4 I did the same process on the zombie font, first turned it all into aoutlines, then ungrouped and adjusted it a bit. I added a linear grey gradient on all letters. Then using the pencil tool (N) I did a somekind of 3D perspective, nothing fancy, just used the space between the letters "m" and 'b" as a vanishing point. And added some gradients following the perspective I used. Let's add some thick black stroke. And here's the trick part: I decided to add some light on the bottom of the letters using the pencil tool (N), create and place them like the samples bellow. Don't forget to use a transparent gradient. I didn't want to detail it a lot, so I finally ded a couple of random round shapes to look like holes, duplicate it and just posicionate both layer a bit searate in order to give it some depth. Also added a big gradient on the back of the type to look like fire. Step 5 Finally, let's do the last thing: the grave. It's easy, first using the pencil tool (N) create the stone shape, then duplicate and use a darker color to look like a perpective. Add some cracks using the previous tool and the "VS." type on it, use the same font as the one on "zombies". Use some white lights to enhance the cracks. And also put white layer of the text above to give depth on it. Draw the pile of earth using the pencil tool (N). Use the pen tool (P) to create the texture over it. As you may have already noted, I'm using the hard gradient technique on the objects here, so it really don't depends of the tool you're using, If you got the logic of it, you will know what to do next. Finally, add a blue background with a radial gradient on it, hoep you guys enjoyed doing this. Conclusion Download the Adobe Illustrator File Download the Adobe Illustrator file used for this tutorial

Awesome Creepy Zombies by André de Freitas

Zombies are all over the place. The 2nd season of The Walking Dead has just began and people are all freaking out because of the outbreak. I mean, what would you do if Iron Man became a zombie? Hide you kids, tell you that. The man behind these is Peruvian illustrator André de Freitas (who is definitely sporting a Brazilian name there). These are pretty awesome, and creepy with you image zombies with super powers. But one thing for sure, the Donald Duck zombie is way creepier than any other zombie here. Anyways, for more of André's work, please visit his portfolio! He'll appreciate it for sure! Cheers! ;)

The Zwatch Project

Zwatch is an online community and multimedia art project about zombies. Created by Alexander Laccarino and his Zteam in 2009, Zwatch launched in the Quad Cities of the Iowa/Illinois area following a fictitious story of a local zombie outbreak. The unsuspecting public took the project seriously and madness ensued. The Story In the summer of 2009, Zacharia Furio, a 21-year-old from Davenport, Iowa, was working for the Quad City Department of Biological Sciences, when he suddenly disappeared. His brother launched a website,, to help in finding his missing brother, who was suspected of being the subject of testing on a man-made strain of viruses. After the site displayed redacted police files, missing person's reports and other documents, the local media took interest. The site questioned authority. The story was off and running. Over time, a series of documentary shorts, photographs, more official documents and articles from a “lone wolf” reporter flooded, in addition to hundreds of emails, blog posts/comments about Zacharia, his whereabouts, revealing a cover-up, Zacharia's infection and eventual return home. Still, people questioned whether it was real. In the end, it wasn't. At least, not entirely. It was the creation of Alexander Iaccarino and a group of cohorts and artists known affectionately as the “Z-Team”. Pictures My latest project,, began as a viral hoax of a zombie outbreak and cover-up in the Quad Cities to promote my Halloween event, The Zombie Pride Parade. And how it ended was a different story, one best told by fellow zombie and friend, Ryan Collins..... This past Halloween, something happened in the Quad Cities. Something about a missing person, an Internet hoax, an H1Z1 virus, and the threat of artists going to jail for their craft. Something…undead. Zombies and their related ephemera are a cultural phenomenon, ever-present in books, cinema, video games, etc. Videos Check out the the whole story on this controversioal and groundbreak project at

Crazy Cool Illustrations by Derek Ring

Derek Ring is a illustrator and character design from Worcester, MA, United States with a super cool portfolio. His illustrations are full of details and with subjects that remind me the design from the skateboard industry in the 80's, with zombies, skulls, very colorful and with action scenes with a lot of movement. For more informativion visit Derek's site at or portfolio at Behance and also his blog at Derek Ring is a disgusting jerk who thinks he's cool just because he draws weird stuff. He's a dink. - Derek Ring

Incredible and Creepy Photo Manipulations by Aja Jones

I was surfing on Behance when I found one incredible image of a monster. It was quite creepy but really well done, so I decided to check out the author's portfolio. Aja Jones is a digital artists from France with a incredible set of monsters and macabre creatures design. All of them are creative photo manipulations, mixed with paintings and illustration. I would love to see his design process on them. For more information visit Aja Jones Behance page at or his DeviantArt at I am a Macabre Artist - Aja Jones