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Using Performancing Blog Client with Drupal

This is my very first test using Performancing as blog client. I have to say that it looks pretty cool so far.The whole process of setting it up and use it was really easy, I had to install a module on my Drupal called Blog API, and after that select the content types that I want to allow to post content using applications that supor XML-RPC.Selecting and installing the moduleSelecting the content types to be used with the blog clientAfter that I ran a wizard pretty straight forward, very easy, and that's it, it's done.Using PerformancingNow the only thing that I want to know is if there is a good blog client like this for Safari, because I really like the way that Safari render the page, allowing text-shadows and other cool stuff. Maybe with the new Firefox and that Cairo, but that is for another entry ;).Technorati Tags: Performancingpowered by performancing firefox