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Video of the Week #64 - Winter Tale

The last video of the week for this year will be about, what else, christmas. It's a very sweet stopmotion movie uploaded just 3 days ago by Sergey Yazvinsky.

Video of the Week #63 - Nokta

On our Abduzeedo Facebook Page we discuss about the interests of our reader. Most of you wanted more Motion Graphics. Try this. "Nokta" is a privat project by animateur Onur Senturk from Istanbul. For this project (And another video called "Triangle") he was awarded best motion graphics from Vimeo. Visit his website at

Video of the Week #61: Amazing Mapping Projections

Among the greatest live shows you can get to see, there's the amazing mapping projection. These are some amazing shows that I guess are kind rare. I've never seen any, but would love to see some of these in my city. Does anybody know the technology behind these projections? I bet is something really cool, just because the final result is truly stunning. I've searched for some good examples and my picks are these. I really hope you find these awesome. Enjoy! Cheers. ;)

Video of the Week #60

During the week we all get to see some amazing videos, and sometimes we just forget to share them with others. But not today. I've seen some pretty awesome videos that I would love to show you guys, and I just know that you're gonna love it.

Video of the Week #59 - Morphologic Studios

This weeks VOTW is different. Morphologic Studios is the name of the laboratory of biologist Colin Foord and musician Jare McKay. They make incredible 1 min HD clips of living coral reefs and I picked some of my favorites to showcase here.

Video of the Week #57 - The Raven

Ricardo de Montreuil and his team of of creatives created a new short film called "The Raven". We follow powerfull Chris Black in a fight against high tech robots in a futuristic Los Angeles. With $ 5000 of budget and a RED camera he did a very good job.

Video of the Week #56 - Pixels

Thanks to Magomed Dovjenko, I got to see this video and within the first 10 seconds I knew I have to share it with all you guys. The big apple, better known as New York, is assaulted by 8-bit creatures. Great idea followed by a detailed realization, you wont miss.

Video of the Week #55

This weeks video is from an filmmaker I really admire. Sebastian Abes produced some of the nicest skate videos out there. He now works with his creative company "Smog Films" on crazy stuff. This is their showreel of 2009.

Video of the Week #54

Ever find yourself wishing commonplace tasks came with Photoshop tutorials? Say...baking butter cookies, for instance?

Video of the Week #53

This stop motion video by the guys over at I Love Local Commercials is incredible. Enough said. Rhett & Link never cease to amaze me with their creativity, and they did it again with this one.

Video of the Week #52

I love to find new projects all over the web. I find really cool experimental videos that try to come up with something that has already been done, but not in a certain way. We've seen tons of stop motions... but I think I've never seen something like this: Still Moving.

Video of the Week #50

I'm really loving the creativity behind this video by Langara College in Vancouver. The video basically consists of a bunch of really awesome paper techniques coming together to convey important messages about the design process. Things like "don't fall in love with your first idea" and "figure out what you want to say." Simple messages that we sometimes tend to forget when we get so caught up in our ideas. In the first year of the Rethink Scholarship at Langara College, the call-for-entries video served as an introduction to the scholarship and the application process.

Video of the Week #47 - Two Fingers: Keman Rhythm Music Video

The video of this week was suggested by Danny Walkman. The video is the recent work of Sterling Pache Romantic Child Studios, where they shot the music Keman Rhythm from Two Fingers. As the song has no lyrics, they were able to interpret it however they wanted. The music video is a modern day response to a Passolini poem. As the video scrolls across from left to right we see angry, scared, tortured and helpless faces intermixed with photographs of representatives of the state.

Video of the Week #46 - Coldplay Strawberry Swing

Last year for my birthday, a friend of mine got me "Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends" by Coldplay. For the past year, this album has been playing non-stop in my car on every morning drive to school and then every drive back home. Track 9, Strawberry Swing, went on repeat at least 3 times. Now finally, a year later, on July 20th they make a video for this wonderful song! If this doesn't get your creative juices flowing and inspire you to create, nothing will. Without further ado, here's Coldplay's new video for Strawberry Swing.

Video of the Week #45

Some time ago we had a post featuring some beautiful infographics. There was a bunch of great data visualization settings, which I find awesome. Today, I've found a very clever infographic video. Made for a class project by Tomas Nilsson, this video features the classic Little Red Riding Hood story. And it's all about information, what makes it a totally cool video, which I know you'll love. That said, enjoy! ;)

Video of the Week #44

The video of this week is about typography and it's awesome. It was created by students of the Vancouver Film School students Boca (aka Marcos Ceravolo) and Ryan Uhrich through the VFS Digital Design program.

Video of the Week #43

This past week we got to know the new game of the Rock Band franchise: The Beatles Rock Band. It's really hard to someone who enjoys good music not to like the Beatles, and even harder to find someone in a sane mind who doesn't like video games. That said, it's clear that a person who might not like this game simply doesn't exist. This video is totally awesome, because it not only was made by the guys behind Gorillaz, but it follows the full story of the guys from Liverpool. From their explosive beginning to their psychedelic trips. Pretty awesome!

Video of the Week #42

Here's the Music video called Wood that I did along with Simon Landrein, the music is from the band "dead pirates". It's been done in 4 months and been produced by the mill. We used a lot of 2D elements in the video but most of it is done in 3D, both simon and I are 3d animators and illustrators. As for the music it was recorded in london by myself, in order to keep control on every aspect of the film, dead pirates is my band. There's a massive amount of matte paintings that we might release on our website.

Video of the Week #40

From time to time we have featured a nice motion graphics showreel. Showreel is a nice way to compile someone's work... we get to see the work of a whole year, and just the cool stuff. Today, we feature Onesize's reel. Onesize is a Dutch, Delft based creative studio, founded in 2001 by two creative partners. Focussing on (motion) graphics, animation, visual effects and live-action direction and production for film and television.

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