Aundre Larrow

Introducing Adobe Creative Resident Aundre Larrow

It's day three of featuring the six lucky Adobe Creative Residents of 2017 on the blog and today we're pumped to showcase the moving work of photographer Aundre Larrow. In his own words, Aundre is a Brooklyn-based creative focused on community building, photography and strategy with some other stuff sprinkled in. For the Adobe Creative Residency program, Aundre will spend his year working on a series of projects that explore the diverse range of people across the United States and their daily lives, challenges and perspectives. His main project is a snapshot of America through the eyes of its residents, and his challenge will be to learn how to create impactful visual imagery to fully tell the story of the people and places he visits. Aundre will be capturing photographs, making video content for the first time, and sharing his process  as he learns how to work in this new medium. His goal for the Residency is to make longer-form storytelling about unheard and less represented voices his primary work. Enjoy some of our favorite snapshots from Aundre's work for the Residency below and view more of Aundre's beautiful work at this special site.  MORE ABOUT AUNDRE LARROW AND HIS ADOBE CREATIVE RESIDENCY PROJECT Thanks to the Adobe Creative Residency, I've had the pleasure to travel across this nation and learn about the micro-stories that build into what makes a person and validates our experience. My goal at the conclusion of this project is to have a library of immersive portraits that challenge the cycle of giving exclusive visibility (seeing and listening) to those we've already deemed worthy.

The Adobe Creative Residency Program: Photographer Julia Nimke

Introducing The Adobe Creative Residency Program: Photographer Julia Nimke

We were so delighted to discover Adobe's latest foray into supporting the creative class with the introduction of The Adobe Creative Residency program. The main objective behind this amazing program is to foster creativity while empowering artists. With generous support from the team at Adobe, talented individuals are given the opportunity to spend a year focusing on a personal creative project, while sharing their experience and process with the creative community. Adobe Creative Residents receive access to the best creative tools and resources, along with guidance from notable advisors and a compensation package. In return, each resident proactively pursues a personal creative project, while sharing their process, insights and inspiration with the community along the way. The 2017 residents are comprised of a group of uniquely talented designers and photographers who are eager to share their creativity with others. In support of this inspiring program from our friends at Adobe we'll be featuring one resident from the 2017 class and their individual works each day starting today over the course of the next week. To kick things off, we're excited to highlight the work of Berlin-based, German photographer Julia Nimke. Peek Julia's ethereal photographs below of places and cultures throughout Europe inspired by folk tales. Everyone has a dream project. So often, those are the ones we can never dedicate the time and resources to. That’s why we created the Adobe Creative Residency. The mission is simple: to support the creative community and cultivate a culture of creating and sharing.     Learn About Adobe Creative Resident Julia Nimke Julia Nimke is a Berlin-based, German photographer who’s passionate about nature, traveling and unique types of cultural storytelling. For her residency year, she plans to explore and document places and cultures in Europe tied to folk tales. She will try out different photography styles throughout the year and share what she learns with the community. Julia will challenge herself to combine video and photos to create compelling and visual stories. Her goal is to have her work inspire people to stay curious and open-minded when they experience unknown places and different cultures. If you've been inspired to learn more, the team at Adobe is accepting applications for the upcoming program year in January 2018. Click this link for everything you need to know to be considered.