Introducing the Adobe Creative Residency 2019

Our friends from Adobe have introduced us to their new residents of the Adobe Creative Residency for 2019-20, we have designers coming from all over the globe. What we do love is this year’s residents are the largest and most diverse class yet, with projects from Experience Design, Digital Drawing and Painting, Videography, and Photography. Let's meet them!

The Adobe Creative Residency program empowers young creatives to do just that - offering individuals a year to work on a personal project while sharing their experience with the broader creative community.

In their words

Now in its fifth year, Adobe is excited to welcome a fresh class of creatives to the residency program and follow them along their journey. The group spans the globe from Miami to Berlin and, for the first time in the residency history, welcomes two creatives from Japan. The residents will pursue a range of artistic mediums, from traditional photography to UX program design. Among the 7 residents are:

Patricia Reiners

A Berlin-based UX/UI designer exploring the city of the future and how new technologies like AI, voice control, and augmented reality will change our interfaces and design decisions. Post-residency, she’d like to work with companies that share her passions for problem-solving and using new technologies to benefit society. You can see some of Patricia’s past work here.

Introducing the Adobe Creative Residency 2019

Aiko Fukuda

apanese artist focusing on digital drawing and painting. During her residency year, Aiko is creating a pop-up book that brings together the analog world of illustration with the digital world of augmented reality. Ultimately, she hopes to publish her book and work with luxury brands and innovative companies that align with her aesthetic approach.

Introducing the Adobe Creative Residency 2019

Julie Sandusky

UX/UI Designer blending her passions for food, sustainability, and UI/UX to explore how human-centered design solutions can inspire a circular food system. Post-residency, she wants to work as an experience designer in the food space and have a meaningful impact on society and our planet.

Introducing the Adobe Creative Residency 2019

Learn more about this year’s Creative Residency class here.

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