The era of Blade Runner is here, introducing Tesla's Cybertruck

Well it is November 2019 and carmakers from Tesla didn't hold back and introduced the Cybertruck. What was your first impressions? At first, I didn't like the design (still don't) but it definitely looks straight out of the 1982's Blade Runner which is pretty dope if you ask me.

Tesla Studio by THE SCOPE Is it Photography or CGI?

THE SCOPE is a high-end CG imagery and film studio based from Hamburg, Germany. They specifically focused on cars, how about luxury cars? They really produce high-end CG imagery, to the point where I can't even spot the difference between what's real or not. Being a huge fan of car photography, it takes a lot of work to create realism especially on the live situation with the lighting and the reflections. It's so impressive seeing for far you can push CGI nowadays.

Automotive Design: Tesla Pickup Concept

I have found this automotive design concept of what could look like the next Tesla pickup? The beloved Elon Musk did mention that there will be a Tesla Pickup Truck coming in their lineup and as I quote: "a really futuristic-like cyberpunk Blade Runner design". How cool is that? One car designer decided to give it his own take on this concept, let's take a look at the work from Emre Husmen who is a car designer based in Istanbul, Turkey.

Interaction Design & UI/UX: A closer look at the Tesla Model 3 touchscreen

I am a great fan of Tesla and also of Elon Musk, the care of his level of thinking for the user experience and vision simply changed the game of the entire car industry. Earlier this year, they have introduced the Tesla Model 3; the mid-size all-electric four-door luxury sedan starting at a very affordable price. As a designer, what struck me the most was the removal of the "conventional" interior car interface replaced by a 15-inch touchscreen.

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