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Glowing, Glowing, Gone - Raising awareness to save coral reefs

Our friends are Adobe has announced a very good announcement to raise awareness to save coral reefs. Revealed as a global campaign titled: “Glowing Glowing Gone", advocating action by highlighting the global danger related to fluorescing corals. Let's take a look of what Pantone Color Institute and Adobe have in store through their new initiatives.

Apple introducing an entirely new OS for iPhone, iPad and its Watch - #WWDC19

Voilà! It's live! Apple has previewed their entirely new OS to the world at WWDC'19 yesterday. And yes, now we have Dark Mode for the upcoming OS. Yay or not, there a bunch of new features coming for your iPhone, iPad and Watch. Some of them are pretty cool and some are what we would call 'standard' for our demanding industry. One thing though, it took quite a while but we finally get to see Apple making good changes on their OS's (?!).

Fresh from Dribbble: Introducing a new browsing navigation and more

Our friends from Dribbble have introduced some fresh features on their platform that we (us) designers dearly use every single day. They are exciting features! I especially love the new "shot categories" where you have a take at browsing design inspiration easier. I personally feel it's a big update from previous "browsing navigation" and there is definitely a small learning curve. The importance of secondary items are justifiable, it's definitely an improvement compared to other design "newly" updated platforms. Read the entire announcement here!

Adobe teasing some new features about XD and Illustrator at OFFF Barcelona

First of all, would love to salute all our friends and partners at the on-going OFFF Barcelona that is happening from May 24-26. For the occasion, the kind of folks from Adobe were there and they took the opportunity to present a teaser of new features coming soon on XD and Illustrator. Make sure to check the videos below!

Getting the First Look at the #InVisionStudio Platform

Our friends from InVision took us by a storm today with the announcement of #InVisionStudio Platform. What is it? Well, it's simply to create the best screen design tool on a daily basis to achieve greatness. Cheesy?They believe that together we can build a unified work design environment for everyone. It's really nice seeing InVision engaging different companies too who really have the same goals at the end of the day.

Introducing: Adobe XD CC Starter Plan & Adobe Fund for Design

What a great time to be a designer. We have incredible tools at affordable prices and we also have a lot of incentive from the big players. Today Adobe announced that Adobe XD is now free via a new Starter plan. Additionally, Adobe has launched a new $10 million investment fund for design technology and released a host of new features and assets for XD users.

Adobe is introducing their third visual trend of the year: Multilocalism

The awesome folks from Adobe is introducing their third visual trend of the year: Multilocalism. What is it? Let's just say it's all about going back to your roots. Where are you from? Where are your parents come from? How about your grandparents? It's an origin of a multi-cultural question but mostly it's all about: Where do you feel yourself at home? I guess this is what is more important, let's take a look at this stunning and exclusive photo gallery that reflect Adobe's connections in a multi-local world.

Introducing Semplice 4: Packed with New Features that you will love

Semplice is a product that I personally love and use for my own online portfolio. For those who don't know what Semplice is, well it's simply a customizable CMS on your Wordpress Platform. It's very intuitive to use and they have recently launched with Semplice 4. It's packed with awesome features.

Meet ELIA: The world’s most intuitive tactile reading system

Back in 1829, Louis Braille introduced us the braille system. What seems to be working after all these years, studies show that the system relies on outdated technologies from the 1800s. Meet ELIA, a new, modern and efficient alternative that's incredibly easy to learn for people who have a visual impairment. This is such an interesting project that is currently live on Kickstarter.

Congratulations to Dribbble for One Trillion Served

Woah our friends from Dribbble just hit one heck of a milestone, 1 Trillion Pixels Dribbbled! Congrats to the whole team and also to the community! It's crazy to think that the co-founders and launched the platform as a side-project. Over the course of the next few years, millions of shots were shared and now part of a daily inspiration for hundred and hundred of designers coming from all over the Globe. Again, congrats to everyone!

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