Norway's National Recycling Iconography

We are taking a look at Norway's National Recycling 'Symbols' and also its usage as a system throughout various use cases. Behind the conceptualization, we follow the collaboration work of Heydays Design Agency and also Goods ⠀. I can't even imagine how insane it must have been to first establish the use cases on defining what would be the most effective style of icons to use for everyone's understanding without being too abstract and yet too general.

IBM App Icon Design & Visual Language

Peter Garvin is working as a designer at IBM from specifically from the Brand Experience and Design Team. He shared a series of very cool series of iconography from their IBM Design Language. Divided into four categories: Stroke app icons, Fill app icons, IBM Plex app icons, and Hero brands. The visual direction is a mixture of minimal approaches coming together with gradients and shades.

'Glass Effect' Security Iconography

A couple weeks ago, we have been discussing about Glassmorphism on abdz. As usual, we are starting to see more and more the same visual style being applied on interfaces but also iconography. This 'glass graphical' style does a pretty decent job at pushing its purpose through icons. As a great example, we are featuring 'Frosted Glass Icon' series by Changyu Hu; a designer based in Beijing, China.

3D Big Sur Icons

How about a rad series of Big Sur icons made in 3D to kick off the year? Team duo Vivian Niu and Vikiiing are both designers from Beijing, China. They have released these beautiful, stylish, and 3D icons inspired by iOS 14 Big Sur, at a quick glance, every single icon is there. It's nice to see their own take on icons like Sketch for example who looks much more like a real diamond which is nice.

Iconography Guidelines Inspiration

Currently in the middle of setting things up to build a design system at a large scale, for where I am currently working. One of the starting points are the icons who are part of the foundation of a design system. I decided to surf around for UI layout inspiration and I stumbled across the work of Ramotion. A UI/UX design & branding agency based in San Francisco, California that we have featured their work before on ABDZ.

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