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Figma Plugin Love: Email Generator by Grigoriy Mashkovtsev

I would like to share about a Figma plugin that I have been using lately and would like to share on ABDZ for your workflow. It's an Email Generator by Grigoriy Mashkovtsev. It's a useful plugin where you can design your own email template and export the HTML code from a frame. Simple as that! A little while ago, I took the liberty to share feedback on how Grigoriy can improve his plugin where I thought has a lot of potentials.

Figma Plugins are here! 🎉 Which plugins to get? Let's go!

You must have heard the news by now and Figma Plugins are here! I have to be honest, it's a lot more than what we were expecting during the past weeks with teasers and articles on #behindtheplugin. Backed with experience and facing daily problems that current plugins have to actually push our workflow. They found out that (in their words) design plugins are not always reliable or secure. They’re often built on not fully-supported APIs.

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