Terrific Illustration Projects by Rafal Wechterowicz


I've been working as a illustrator for about 3 years, but you don't need more than a couple of weeks to see almost every illustration style on the web. But from time to time a really interesting and fresh illustrator appear.

This is the case of Rafal Wechterowicz, a illustrator focused in band poster designs made in traditional techniques, hope you dig his style. You can see more awesome illustration projects by Rafal at his Behance Profile or you can follow his page on Facebook.

Asian Inspirations

"This is set of my designs inspired by traditional asian art(mostly from Japan)."



"This set of my t-shirt designs for Mastodon. I really like to work for them."

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Marcos Torres

I'm Marcos Torres, I'm a Graphic Artist from Brasil. You can know more about me at my Website, at my Tumblr or at my Flickr.