The Joker Action Figure

The Dark Knight keeps surprising us... first, it was the movie itself. Now, some products related to the epic are getting some attention. Hollywood have always got some good merchandising for their movie, specially when the subject is Action Figures.

Action Figures have always been a big PART of our lives. Not our lives? Well, at least MY life. But if you can relate to that, than you'll probably get all jumpy when you get to see this sweet Joker action figure. Different from the first TDK action figures featuring the regular Joker outfit, this one features the Bank Robber version of our favorite villain.

Update: I forgot to post the picture where it shows all the accessories... there is also an extra head, so that's why his expression and hair change. ;)

Pretty cool, right? Yeah, yeah... but you just really realize who GREAT this action figure is just when you first get to see Joker's face. One problem about action figures of humans, is that most times the artist don't get to represent the actor's face perfectly. There's always that plastic toy look on it. But NOT THIS ONE. I was truly amazed when I saw the Joker's face.

Not impressed yet? Then take a look at these 'portraits'... if you're not impressed easily, this will do just the trick:

Take a good look at the 3rd one of the 2nd row. It's like a picture of Ledger's face. AMAZING.

And like a good action figure, it comes with MANY extra acessories:

  • Extra head with other expression and hair.
  • Clown mask.
  • Handgun with removable magazine.
  • MK760 with removable magazine.
  • Sling Bag
  • Fragmentation grenade (x 4)
  • Smoke grenade (x 3)
  • 2 pairs of gloved hands
  • Playing Cards
  • Dollar Bills

This is the secret of the "many faces".

And for those just getting crazy about it, "The Joker, Bank Robber" version is brought to you by great Hot Toys, the same from "Mark 2" and "Mark 3" action figures.

And just to finish this post the right way, if you are still not impressed about the Joker's AF, just take a look at this picture and think with yourself for a second whether or not this is a still from the movie.

How about a magic trick? ;)

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