Transformation Car Design Project

Olivier Gamiette is a self-taught designer from Paris, France. With the main interest of bringing new exciting ideas to life Olivier today works for Peugeot as Senior Designer in Paris. In this project he showed us how he rendered children's sketches into incredible car designs. It's awesome to see the evolution of the basic sketches to the final result and how much of the basic concept kept unchanged.

Oliview brought six children's car sketches to life by rendering them as a prize for the 'Draw Me The Car of 2020' design competition, launched in collaboration with the french children's magazine Okapi.The six 9-14 year old winners – Clement, Thomas, Tom, Lena, Leo and Gaspard – were able to see their dream cars realized with my personal photoshop rendering method.

I presented the first placed winner, Clément, with a 270mm by 140mm model of his design at an awards ceremony held at the cPeugeot's design center in Velizy, France. I shared with the young winners my thoughts and inspiration behind their designs.

It was totally amazing and so magical for them to discover their sketch reinterpreted in a realistic rendering drawing. They were very proud and some of them already know they would like to become car designers ..


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