Travel Photography Guide: Stockholm, Sweden

Back in February, ABDZ was traveling to Stockholm, Sweden to cover the launch of the new Volvo V60. After all the eventful-fun jazz, it's always a must for me to find time to explore the city, especially when it's your first time ever traveling to Stockholm. What can I say about this city? Well, every place we went whatever it was a restaurant, coffee shop or a tourist attraction; Stockholm is very pretty and this city owns the term "Beautiful Design". You wouldn't understand this term until you start exploring and after a few blocks, you already in awe. So I have put together a Google Map and added the locations through a photo gallery via Instagram, I wasn't able to visit all the places (short trip!) from my Google Map or people who took way better shots than me. Hah! Please enjoy and make your own memories!

Here's the Map

Short Disclaimer: I have created this map for my own travel and also based on my own photo style of what are the things that I wanted to see and visit. Use this as a reference OR a foundation to create yours. Have fun in Stockholm!

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Universitetet Station

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Solna Centrum (Metro)

Aula Medica

Odenplan Station (Metro)

Stockholm Public Library

Stockholm Olympic Stadium

Brunkeberg Tunnel

Rådhuset T-station (Metro)

T-Centralen Station (Metro)

Södra Blasieholmshamnen


Winter view of National Museum, beautiful Stockholm. Photo Credit @dansarie

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The Royal Palace

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