Trials of the Blood Dragon

BEWARE, overload of 80s inspiration in this feature from our mighty friend James White that recently released his participation as an Art Director consultant for the game Trials of the Blood Dragon developed by RedLynx and Ubisoft. It's NITRO interesting to dig through his process and the many many ULTRA amount of design and illustration work involved to MAXIMUM accomplish this project. We are such fans of the 80s that is purely a joy going through it all and feasting our eyes! Hope you will enjoy!

I was hired for a full year as an art director consultant on the 'Trials of the Blood Dragon' game developed by RedLynx and Ubisoft. Shown here are lots of the design and illustration work I developed for the project, both conceptual and in-game elements.

About James White

James White is an (kickass) artist, designer and speaker based in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia (Canada). Focusing his art into neon-infused projects that reflect his childhood from the 80s. You should definitely check out his Tumblr dedicated to inspiration downright to the badassery from that era called: Uzicopter.

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