Creating the IE7 logo effect in Fireworks

Despite the fact I'm not a big Internet Explorer fan, the challenge to recreate the IE7 logo in Fireworks is really worth it.

We're going to show you how to create these effects and how to use many new fireworks tools that we haven't used in our tutorial yet.


Let's begin creating our letter, here we're using the letter "a". We've choosen the Helvetica font, but you may use any you wish. Color it in #000. Now let's work it in curves, for this, right click on it and go to 'Convert to paths'. It will convert it and leave the layer grouped, ungroup it so we can work the points further ahead.


Now duplicate this layer, and apply, for the one on the top, Gradient Bars colored as shown.


The layer left beneath it will be our black border. For that, the one on the top needs to be a little bit smaller. Select command Modify > Alter Path > Inset Path. Select Inside e width 5. After that, do as the following image shows, select the points and keep modifying to make it well align and with a good spacing. In the bottom of it, is good to leave it really close to the border to give us the right effect.


Now let's apply bevels and shadows in this layer. It's going to be 2 Bevels and 1 Inner Shadow. Insert the values as shown in each one of the filters.


A big part of the structure is ready, now let's begin creating the effects. Let's make the top section reflection. For that, simply duplicate the layer that contains the blue "a" and erase the selected points in the figure. After that, adjust the curve and apply a Linear Gradient with both sides #FFF and 0% alpha in one of the sides.


Now let's make the light effect that comes fro the bottom. It will be done using 3 ellipses. Apply the colors as shown and notice that we're using a Feather and a filter. Then group the 3 elements.


Let's apply a mask in this group. Select the blue "a" and copy it (CTRL+C), then go to Modify > Mask > Paste as Mask. Duplicate this layer and apply the overlay filter on both layers with a 60% alpha on the top one.


Now we need to create the yellow arches. Let's use ellipses to make it. Create 2 ellipses as shown. To make it in the correct shape and size, use the "Q" tool in Distort option to make it easy. After creating these 2 ellipses go to Modify > Combine Paths > Punch. The final arch will be #F8A30A. Make some adjustments in the bottom tip to make it look like it goes behind the letter.


In this shape, we apply a Inner Glow with values 2 50% 6 0. After that, let's create a new form with the pen tool. Leave it underneath the arch with the linear gradient with both colors #F8A30A and a side with 0% alpha as shown.


Let's create the arch's shadow. Duplicate the yellow arch, make it smaller and make it #000000. Apply a Radial Gradient and make the colors really soft using the alpha values. Now we're gonna apply a mask in this shadow. Copy the blue "a" (CTRL+C) and repeat the last process, select the shadow and go to Modify > Mask > Paste as Mask.


Your effect must have come to look like this! We can also make some additions and play with the colors.

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