Creating the iPhone Frame on Fireworks


Since some people asked for this tutorial, We're going to show you guys how to create the iPhone frame. It isn't as complicated as it appears to be, and I think this is the solution that most comes closer to the original.

Notice that we're going to use mostly rectangles and bevels... just follow the steps and good luck!


Open a new documet. Make it 800 x 800px with background #000. Create a 280 x 557px Rounded Rectangle.

Notice that we're leaving the roundness up to you. Use your instincts! Play with the tools!

After that, let's apply 2 bevels in this rectangle, check the images out to see how it should look like.


The next rectangle will be rounded too, as shown, and will be on the top of the last one. Apply Gradiente Bars with the colors we are showing here. After that, follow the steps and apply 2 bevels with the same values we've used. Notice that on this one, we're using Feather 1.


Now we must create another rectangle above it all. Let's use the color #FFF and 2 other bevels to make that effect on its sides.


Now we need to create the last rectangle that goes on the main structure. It will be the smallest between all, and will be in color #000. Notice that we've set to it a 2px border and that will make some difference ahead.


Let's create now the bottom and top parts of our iPhone. Create a rectangle (without rounds) with Radial Gradiente and colors as shown. On the top we've used a 1px line, color #0C1114.


Group the elements from step 5 and now let's mask them with the rectangle from step 4. For that, select the group, cut it (CTRL+X), select the black rectangle and paste it holding shift (CTRL+SHIFT+V).


The structure is ready, now we just need to create the smaller elements, that are nothing but rectangles and circles as shown.


Now just in insert the interface we've created in the other tutorial (Creating the iPhone Interface on Fireworks).

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