Typography Experiment by Carlos de Toro

Carlos de Toro share a quite interesting project on his Behance page, he played with the idea of overlapping different designs to create a new typography style from it. The result is quite interesting, there's a mix of 3D and M. C. Escher, and because of that we of course are sharing it here on ABDZ

Work around the idea of layered typefaces and the overlapping of different designs to form a new one. Influenced by ideas from other disciplines like the use of stencils, double exposures or traditional printing systems. 3D Printing technique was used to create different Types made of PLA filament.

Carlos de Toro is a Spanish graphic & type designer currently based between Barcelona & Logroño. He's deeply interested in type, branding and editorial design.

I graduated at ESDIR and moved to Barcelona to course MA in Advanced Typography in UAB. 2nd September 2013 I released Born, my first typeface, since then I haven't stopped working in typography stuff; Recently I released my new typeface Recia published by The Indian Type Foundry.

For more information check out http://www.carlosdetoro.com/

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