Outstanding Typography Projects

There were the days that a typography project was only made of typo and that was enough to make everyone happy, but a lot of things changed and if you want to really stand out from the crowd you must bring something special to the table. That's what make these projects outstanding, check them out!


Poster and Typeface From: Hassan Haider

No Lies Just Love

Type experiment inspired by the Bright Eyes song of the same name From: Jordan Metcalf

A Tribute to Yulia Brodskaya

I love her incredible work and this is my little tribute to Brodskaya From: Adolfo Correa

5-A-Day Type

I was interested in how 5-a-day could become less lecturing. I responded initially with a font based around this, which then grew to become a whole list of recipes established by the NHS. I wanted the font to become light hearted but still maintain its authority, which is why i chose to base the font on Times. This stopped the font from becoming too jokey. I also considered how i could make each recipe seem interesting through the layout. From: Jimmy Smith


During this past election year, I had never been so moved, inspired, and driven by politics that did come true. The possibility of Barack Obama becoming President of the United States of America made me believe that greater change and progress are possible. This piece is a typographical representation of WILL.I.AM's Yes We Can, from Obama's speeches. My main goal was to show the grass roots and coming together that Obama is inspiring each day. From: Jonathan Bobrow


This project is a collaboration between me, Siggi Odds, Sven and Mundi. Sequences is a real-time art festival in Reykjavík, Iceland hosted annually by the Living Arts Museum. The final product consists of an idea of milk captured in time, hinting at the festival's real-time focus. We spent way to much money on buying to many liters of milk. But we had alot of fun while the milk supplies lasted. We couldn't stand the temptation of pouring milk all over Mundi. The posters were printed in two colous offset, black and a bright PMS 605 by an environmental friendly printer. From: Jónas Valtýsson

The Weather

This was for my Final Major Project at University. Using the theories of Multi-Modal Communication, 'en plein air' and 'the pathetic fallacy' I intended to show a relationship between the weather, the artist and the viewer. These installations were used to enforce the above themes in an exhibition catalogue for a hypothetical exhibition held at the Tate St Ives. From: Tom McLean

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