UI Design by Adrián Somoza

We have been posting more about editorial design and UI design as we believe those two areas will fully intersect, if they are not already. Some designers have been pushing the style and really making this reality. Adrián Somoza's work is a good example of that. I also love seeing motion present on portfolio. It's important to highlight the importance of that and also make me stop procrastinating and focus on learning After Effects.

Adrián Somoza is a senior visual designer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is currently working at R/GA. His portfolio is filled with great concept projects. They have a great mix of editorial design with typography overlapping imagery and other effects very common in printed material.

For more information and to check out his portfolio make sure to visit his website at http://www.adriansomoza.com/en/

UI Design

UI conceptUI  conceptUI conceptUI conceptUI design conceptUI design conceptUI design concept

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