UI Inspiration: Footers

One of our colleagues on Abduzeedo was looking for inspiration about  Footers. As simple as it is, it was a bit tricky to find some good ones. Why? Because the idea/concept of the Footer is fairly simple, everything that isn't as important as the information we put into the Menu or Hamburger Menu will ended-up in the Footer. Is it a good practice, it depends on how you look at it. For mostly, the hierarchy of the Footer is usually for additional information like widgets, subscriptions, links and etc. You will see in the following collection, some of them tend to break these rules.

Designed by Akhill

Designed by Redwanul Haque

Designed by Minh Pham

Designed by Stefan Stefancik

Designed by Bethany Heck

Designed by Andreas Ubbe Dall

Designed by Andrej Krajčir

Designed by Andreas Ubbe Dall

Designed by Deividas Graužinis

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