UI Inspiration: The Work of Tony DeAngelo at ANML

Tony DeAngelo is an Art Director working at ANML currently based in Los Gatos, in the great SoCal. Being working in an environment of digital design and development, Tony has being collaborating and ruling the workspace to make a difference. What I do enjoy from Tony's work is how smooth are his interactions. Not too crazy but subtle enough to create a better experience. With the amount of interfaces we are now encountering per day, let's keep it simple but elegant. Founded by Douglas Hughmanick and Patrick Boscarino, the great leaders behind this crew of design thinkers.

Our house is your house, and vice versa. We jump right in and immerse ourselves in your world—and that means working with you. With close collaboration, we function less like an agency partner, and more like an extension of your team. Whether we’re working through design challenges on the fly, or sketching on white boards, we’ll uncover the strongest solutions in a fraction of the time. We’ll also have more fun.

About AMNL

Pronounced "Animal" is a design studio founded by two designers that delivers design solutions to be impactful for their clients. Having the motto at building the very Next Big Things.

More information: http://www.anml.com/index.html.

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