The Ultimate Bic Biro Artist


You probably are one of those people who doodles in some paper while speaking on the phone... or maybe you just like to draw some random lines, paint it with you Bic Biro pen... and finally you get to throw it away, 'cause you don't think that drawing is important... right?

Well, there is this one guy, Juan Francisco Casas, who actually uses the ultra classic, basic, Bic Biro to make some real artistic drawings. He, my friends, is a übber artist i gotta say. I mean, who in the world makes such realistic images like him? And when I say realistic, i mean photograph realistic. He got it all: lighting, skin texture, body anatomy... man, I wish i could do some doodles 1/5 as cool as his. You can check his site for further information, and check his gallery, or his myspace.

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Fabio Sasso

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