Underwater Experiment in Photoshop

After a couple of weeks playing with Pixelmator, I decided to finish a image I was working on in Photoshop, it was an underwater scene. I had done some experiments before but I wasn’t sure if that was the effect I wanted. However this last image I think is pretty good so I decided to share with you for some feedback and I will be publishing a tutorial showing how I did that pretty soon.

For this image I basically mix some photos to create the rocks, Illustrator for the 3D typo and some brushes for the other effects. Also I used the Fluid Mask 3 Plugin for the cuts and it’s really good indeed.

But before the image let me announce the Fluid Mask 3 winner from our last giveaway. The lucky guy is:

Danny Batista

Final Result.

Underwater Experiment

First Experiments

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