Une Historie: Delightful Illustrations by Marc Majewski

We're delighted by the whimsical work of French-born, Berlin-based illustrator Marc Majewski and in particular his recent children's picture book titled Une Histoire. The story is an ode to the imagination and daydreaming and takes the reader on a joyous journey by way of endearing illustrations spotlighting Majewski's passion for color and light. As a child, the talented Majewski discovered his zeal for drawing and painting through the pictures of Gustave Dore, Quentin Blake, Lisbeth Zwerger and Symbolist painters just to name a few. We are so impressed by Majewski's ability to portray real-life scenes with such detail, emotion and sparkle. Scroll below for a peek inside this talented young mind and the inspiration behind his beautiful work. Also enjoy his Instagram feed for more smiles.

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