Unsplash Redesign Concept

Don't get me startled on this but I am not a fan of  Redesign Concept because a lot of time (Not trying to be general), designers tend to forget many aspects of what's behind a redesign like:  Content Strategy, Copywriting, Information Architecture, UX practices, Interactions and more. This is why I do appreciate John Noussis's work on his Unsplash Redesign Concept. He took the time to dissect the site entirely sections by sections so he can give his take/vision of his design. Great work John! We do enjoy concepts like these because it's more than about what you can see but more about how it will function for the users.

Unsplash is the one the best free image resource websites. I have used Unsplash's images in almost every project and I am very grateful for what it provides. After some thought, I found a way to repay the credit back by making a redesign concept. A more minimal and aesthetic approach keeping in mind the character that Unsplash has already. I hope you like it

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For more information: check out this Behance Profilehttps://www.behance.net/Ioannis_Noussis

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