US OPEN 2014 Concept sketches

The US Open 2014 is upon us and as with every big sports event, there is the need for a brand. This year, five illustrators were invited to create the main illustration for the event. Enter Orlando Arocena, a Mexican-Cuban-American who enjoys delivering creative solutions for some of the world's most renowned brands. Although his artwork didn't make the final cut it is still a super inspiring vector illustration full of incredible details. Below, we share a glimpse behind the design process with some basic applications.

Idea Statement:

Drive awareness and consideration of the 2014 U.S.OPEN- with a signature illustration that metaphorically acts as an uplifting reflection of its New Yorker fan base but also identifies with the international sports community – signifying the event and its patrons as “Champions”.

here’s practically nothing more international and spectacular than the sport of Tennis, add the anticipation of over a million New Yorker fans, celebs, world press, lights and glamour, and what you end up with is a chance to celebrate with champions.

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