UX Design: G1 Educação

G1 has one section dedicated to all sort of Brazilian education information. As time passed new things happened to this category and they needed to adapt the product to a new scenario. With short time to bring new features they had to juggle between creating something better but still consistent with other sections of the portal. The result is really good and very aligned with G1 user experience, one of the best new sites in Brazil, and without any doubt the best designed one.


Reinforce this section considering brazilian audience interests, focusing on the most relevant keywords and increasing searches until that time.

Techniques and artifacts

Personas, Scenarios, Wireframes, Web analytics research, Ontology definition, SEO best practices

Of course we didn't implement all of the classes and subclasses of this image. But at that time, for being the first web semantic implementation on this product, I should make a forecast, anticipating possible future needs and assuring that the modeling we were adopting at that time wouldn't be an issue on future reformulations.

Google trends research

We had a significant raise of search terms related to Enem and we needed to help users to find what they need about it.

Final result

Ontology defined and partially implemented; A calendar page, bringing the next relevant dates to students; A list of brazilian universities; Specific pages to the most relevant universities; SEO best practices definition; A new area designated to trending topics that may keep students updated with the most relevant news


Project published by Marcos Fernandes (http://www.behance.net/marcosfernandes) and Raquel Santos (http://www.behance.net/raqueladsantos).

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