Vans Surf Pro Classic Illustration

Among everything we feature about UI/UX, we do feel that we don't share about graphic design and typography. A little less than 5 years ago, we didn't such a craze about user experience and interface design so we had graphic design. Let us feature the work from Ian Jepson on 80s and 90s inspired artwork for Vans. That little detail that has been striking for me was the thickness of the letter "P" from Surf Pro. Loving seeing the behind-the-scenes/process which is always inspiring and good for crafting your style.

Earlier this year I was contacted by Vans to create a logo, poster, and various other artwork for their Surf Pro Classic 2016. I drew inspiration from late 80s and 90s surf artwork, and had a blast working on the project.

About Ian Jepson

Ian is an illustrator based in Cape Town, South Africa. After 5 years in the industry, Ian has been focusing his work in graphic design, typography for poster gigs and more. We'll look forward to see more of Ian's work.

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