Very Easy Heroes Eclipse in Photoshop - Screencast

If you've ever seen the show Heroes then you'll no doubt remember the stunning eclipse intro. It's only a few seconds long, but in my opinion it's one of the best intros on television, mainly due to its simplicity and its stunning design. In this tutorial, we learn how to recreate that solar eclipse image in a slightly retro style using nothing but photoshop.

This tutorial is part of the Screencast tutorials provided by Ash Davies will be doing some of Abduzeedo tutorials in video to help those that need more details and because he has a much better and beautiful english accent than I have.

In order to complete this tutorial, there is a grunge paper file you'll need to download, which is available for free to all Photo Guide members (but it is free to join). Just head over to

Photoshopping a Heroes Style Eclipse from Ash Davies on Vimeo.

For the origina tutorial visit Very Easy Heroes Eclipse in Photoshop.

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