Video Inspiration: Lucas Kazakevicius


A Few weeks ago we featured a studio from Porto Alegre, our town called, Santa. As we said that time, their work is very impressive and for really big clients back here. Now, in this post we will feature the work of Lucas Kazakevicius -, one of the ninjas behind that studio. Lucas' skills are in Maya, Real Flow, 3ds max, Fume FX and others, also he works for Casulo another studio from Porto Alegre.

My name is Lucas Kazakevicius, 19 years old. I currently work at Santa Motion, and Casulo, in Porto Alegre, Brazil as a 3D generalist. My focus is towards VFX (dynamics and rendering).

I like intelligent and challenging work. Playing poker, drinking coke and listening to punk/rock music while waiting for renders isn't too bad either :)

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