Virtual 3D flight of the Aachen Cathedral

The Aachen Cathedral, also known as Cathedral of Aix-la-Chapelle is a church located in Aachen, western Germany. Being the oldest cathedral in northern Europe, this church has been built in the 8th century. With all that historic past, this church has been the chair of thirty German kings and twelve queens.

Coming from all that history , we would like to present the awarding stunning work from the team over at Interactive Pioneers and their work at making a unique virtual 3D flight that is totally breathtaking of the Aachen Cathedral. To experience this flight, you'll be taking through a responsive site that will take you to the different sections of the Cathedral. Time to sit back and enjoy this ride.

Start your 3D experience here.

Applause is known to the bread of the artist, but awards are just the cake the creative. We are particularly proud that our performance by awarding the Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2016 has been recognized for high design quality.
Virtual 3D flight of the Aachen Cathedral

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