Visual Identity: Beautiful Branding for Studio P+P logo

The folks over at Studio P+P just shared a beautiful branding and visual identity project. This time it was not for a client but for themselves, which makes it eve harder to pull it off in my opinion. The outcome, however is top notch, from the simple and minimal approach to the vibrant color palette, there's so much to love about this visual identity project. Below you can see a bit more.

The Studio P+P logo reflects the minimal and functional approach of the studio works. Those were the words from the designers behind it. They also mentioned that the logo is adaptable to the different media formats and the symbol "+" can exist separately as an independent graphic element. 

About the colors the designers  chose to use black and white for the primary color palette with the secondary colors — fluorescent orange and fluorescent green. "The secondary colours communicate individuality and an experimental approach of the studio." they said.

Visual Identity

Studio P+PStudio P+P LogoStudio P+P, fluorescent brandingStudio P+P, Simplon MonoStudio P+P stationeryStudio P+P, business cardsStudio P+P stationaryStudio P+P stationeryStudio P+P stationaryStudio P+P StationeryStudio P+P notebooksStudio P+P, fluorescent brandingStudio P+P Branding


  • Photography: Elena Pirogova Mares
  • Set Design: Anna Sbiera

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