VisualFreaks: Tron Artpack Giveaway

Since Disney's remake of Tron hit the cinemas, the design scene is geeking for more space-effects. Thanks to the guys over at you can design your own Tron poster now: Get the free artpack here

VisualFreaks is a high-end project started by a group of graphic designers. The group formed by Sorin Bechira , Erik Erdokozi, Ovidiu Bejan and Paul Pâslea felt like there is room for an alternative for the currently available stock and, therefore, decided that art can be packed and delivered to suit your needs. The VisualFreaks are in for the long run, providing art-packs of unique elements that designers can use for their art-work.

They have already launched two art-packs: Organic CG Artpack and FineCut CG Artpack. The launch series will continue with a motion pack: LifeFlow. Each pack has a distinct theme and its own personality. Each pack talks about something different in an unparalleled way. Organic CG is a visual interpretation of life and all living matter whilst FineCut CG artpack talks about building new worlds.

Free Tron Art Pack

VisualFreaks prepared an mini Artpack exclusive for Abduzeedo.

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