Vognmargergade Packaging Design

For a fresh change we start the week with some packaging design inspiration. The project we share today is from Muggie Ramadani and Nicolas Fuhr from Copenhagen, Denmark. The package is for grooming products from a traditional barbershop, The Vognmargergade. They launched a series of products and from the branding and packaging, I can definitely say it looks perfectly on point for their particular audience.

Based on decades of heritage, the barbershop on Vognmagergade combines the legacy of 1937 with modern male grooming. This creates an authentic barbershop experience that makes it the most popular shave and cut in Copenhagen. The Vognmargergade barbershop recently launched a series of products, from aftershave and hair products, to shaving accessories, that embody modern masculinity.

For more informaction about Muggie check out his website at http://www.muggieramadani.com/ - for Nicolas visit http://www.nicolasfuhr.com/

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