Wallpaper of the Week #77 - Jonathan Wong

The wallpaper of this week is a beautiful composotion created by Jonathan Wong, a digital artist from Limerick, Ireland. We have already featured Wong's work here on Abduzeedo. Also he's member of collectives like DepthCORE and Evoke.

For more information visit Jonathan's the http://www.artofwong.com

Jonathan Wong. I live in Ireland in a city called Limerick. I've always had a passion for art. Ever since I was young, I would draw and paint a lot. I never really saw it as a possible career for me. It was not until I discovered digital art that I realised that there was a big opportunity in designing.

Abduzeedo's wallpaper of the week by Jonathan Wong
Desktop Version

Abduzeedo's iPhone wallpaper of the week by Jonathan Wong
iPhone Version


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