From Waste to Wearables: Sustainable Bamboo Slip Ons

If you've ever had the great opportunity to visit Hong Kong you may take quick notice of the iconic skyline and the amount of cranes constructing yet another skyscraper. In fact, Hong Kong boasts the most skyscrapers in the world surpassing New York and Dubai by far. You may also notice the bamboo scaffolding that looks more like an art display than a centuries-old building technique that locals celebrate. Bamboo scaffolding was first introduced into the building industry in Hong Kong immediately after colonization in the 1800s and widely used in the building of houses and multi-story buildings prior to the development of metal scaffolding. You may also be surprised to learn that most famous landmarks, most notably The Great Wall of China, were built using bamboo scaffolding. Each year, more than five million bamboo rods are used by the construction industry. However, due to safety reasons, most of them go straight to the landfills only after one building project. 

Enter Erth Company who was inspired to make a difference in turning this so-called waste of recycled bamboo rods into the insoles of today's most earth friendly, sustainable slip on ever.  The Erth team collect bamboo rods from the construction sites in Hong Kong. They are then cleaned, disinfected and laminated into the insoles transforming "waste" into a sustainably designed shoe you can look good and feel good wearing. 

They've launched on Kickstarter and introduce two colorways of their bamboo and canvas slip on perfect for summer - Chalk and Uprush. 

Check out The Erth Company's site to learn more and be a part of the change. 


Bam-Ons in actionBamboo + Canvas = The Perfect Slip On

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