Weekly Apps: Keep, Kutoto, Cliffhanger and more


Today is all about free apps! My special mention goes for the Kutoto interface, it's colorful and beautiful. And if you haven't tried Google Keep yet, this is your chance, it's on our list! Hope you guys like all the whole selection, and stay tuned for the next week!

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Rego - regoapp.com

A new way to bookmark locations, with notes and beautiful photos.


Gadget Flow - thegadgetflow.com

The Gadget Flow is the leading buyer’s guide for men and women.

Gadget Flow

KUTOTO - kutoto.com

Need help? Not enough time? Use Kutoto to find someone locally who can help you cook dinner, clean your home, pick up the dry-cleaning, get you fit, and everything else in between.


Google Keep - drive.google.com/keep

Quickly capture what’s on your mind and recall it easily wherever you are. Create a checklist, enter a voice note or snap a photo and annotate it.

Google Keep

Cliffhanger - cliffhangerapp.net

Cliffhanger is an app designed especially for TV fans, with specific attention to simplicity and a user-friendly design.


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