Weekly Apps: Morning, Hue, Receiptmate and more

Today we are featuring beautiful weather apps, such as Hue and Morning. Also, other cool service that is worth checking out is Receiptmate, it scans your receipts and send it to Evernote, amazing! Hope you guys like all the whole selection, and stay tuned for the next week!

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Top of the Morning - gettopofthemorning.com

Top of the Morning is a minimalist morning assistant. It provides a simple way to kick start your day with the right amount of information.

Top of the Morning

Receiptmate - receiptmate.net

Receiptmate is a fully integrated client for Evernote that allows you to scan your receipts, enter the amounts, specify the notebook and tags, and report on the totals.


Aviary - aviary.com/ios

Aviary is a powerful photo editor which we created because we wanted a quick and easy way to edit our photos on the go with no fuss.


Morning - tamper.io/morning

Morning is designed to make your routine easier than ever before. Keep track of time, stay updated, and start your day off right.


Hue - samruston.co.uk

Hue is a simple weather app that uses beautiful colours and animations in order to produce a fluid and new user experience for weather.


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