WhatsApp Redesign for iOS 8

Following our series of mobile UI design today we feature the redesign of the WhatsApp Redesign for iOS 8, a work of Dmitriy Haraberush a UI/UX designer from Kiev Ukraine. This project is a great example of exercising your design skills trying to solve problems that are clear for you while using the app. We know that there are so many constraints behind designing products, however this exercises are super important, especially for those trying to improve their skills.

I’ve decided to make a redesign of Whatsapp messenger after I started noticing, that I stopped using it. Not that I wouldn’t want to, but after the latest Viber redesign implements, all my friends and contacts went there. Me, myself like that kind of friendly and unique UI more, than ios stocked Whatsapp design. I’ve tried to make it as more close to the recent version as I could, so that wouldn’t be another concept, but the production instead.

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