Whimsical Paper Collage by Alice Lindstrom

I make a daily habit of checking the amazing site HonestlyWTF for inspiration and fell in love with their recent post showcasing the fanciful work of Alice Lindstrom. Alice is an incredibly talented Melbourne-based artist and book maker who works primarily in paper collage as well as using watercolor and digital design. From her paper collage portrayal of Melbourne street style to collage commissions for weddings and birthdays, Alice's work is in a word, splendid. Just imagining the time and detail it takes to create one masterpiece makes you appreciate the end result that much more. Alice proves to all of us aspiring artists that you really don't need anything else besides the simple supply of paper to create something exquisite. Peruse and even purchase more of Alice's work at her lovely site here.

In the words of the art critic, Clemente Greenberg, who in 1959 wrote an essay on Cubism, “collage was a major turning point in the evolution of Cubism and therefore a major turning point in the whole evolution of modernist art in this century."



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