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This is pretty much a case study by the Argentinian Designer Pablo Alfieri, also very known around the web as Playful. He will be showing us 2 different cases of projects that he worked on, it's always great to see how other designers get it done specially a masters like Pablo.

Pablo Alfieri is a graphic designer and illustrator born in 1982 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 2002 he started the career of Graphic design in U.B.A. (University of Buenos Aires) when discovered his passion for design, illustration and typography. Since 2007 he has been working in local design studios like RDYA Design Group and Punga Visual Consorcio, and in January of 2008 he created "Playful", a showcase of his personal works, a free space where he plays and has fun with colors, typography and geometry shapes, the bases of his creative work.
For more visit Snickers- Energy Client: BBDO Poland - Mars Design of Backlights and Outdoors for Snickers Campaign in Poland which launch was suspended for the echo of the economic crisis. 1. First Proposal. The client want a little of my style, a lot of energy and the peanut on the center of the piece. So I tried to do an explosion of snickers bars whit a lot of little pieces of peanuts and chocolate. This was the result.

2. No Chocolate! The client didn't want the Snickers Bar show it like a bar of chocolate, but like a peanut bar. So I delete the Chocolate and the pieces of bars...

3. More legibility The client want that the Theme of his campaign had more legibility, so I choose another type and I made the block of typography less messy.

4. Final Work The client wanted an explosion and broken letters to let us know that the Snickers are energy.

Fernet Branca - Unique Submission for the "Arte Unico" contest of Fernet Branca. I received an special mention for the 4th place. Thanks to Pablo Battistoni and Pablo Colabella from Ganztoll for their huge help. This is the entire process of the photo shooting of the bottle and the design behind the theme "Unique".

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