Wyoming Air Company

It's April 1st, the day where we should fool ourselves a little for a change. Instead of looking at what major brands are doing, we took a closer at the Wyoming Air Company, watch the video to see what is it all about. What I've enjoyed the most about this project is the care to every single detail which makes it even more convincing. A fun & beautiful production by TMBR



Everything in life can be tied back to a single breath of air. Namaste - Nimbus Mayweather

About Wyoming Air Company

In a world of carbon emissions and greenhouse gases, Nimbus Mayweather made it his mission to bring craft bottled air to the world. He spent years nomadically wandering for the freshest, purest air on the planet. At the base of the Grand Tetons, Nimbus finally found what he had been looking for. Air so pure, so pristine, that with a single breath, a state of total euphoria enveloped his being. It was in that moment that Wyoming Air Co. was born. Nimbus couldn’t be more proud to now share that experience with the world.

A portion of the proceeds from sales generated on this site will be donated to help support our National Parks and open land conservation efforts.

For more information: https://wyomingairco.com

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