2021 Product Design Trends Report by InVision

Our friends from InVision have released their 2021 Product Design Trends Report that you can download now. It's the perfect time right before the holidays to start diving into their report during the upcoming time off. We are seeing more trends getting published lately, what's interesting about this one. It's the actual work on the behind-the-scenes, (as I quote) they have surveyed hundreds of readers and consulted experts, analysts, and those engaged in the most innovative, multidisciplinary work on the ground. In this report, you will find topics on 'design systems, how design holds its seat to the table, the rise of generalists, the impact of remote work because of the pandemic, and more. I am personally digging the addition of data & statistics, it gives you a good projection on how you should project yourself within your team, organization, and even on your side-projects. Give it a look!


In their words

There will be a little bit more of a leveling out just based on the fact that people are living, breathing, and working digitally, but I think that there’s still going to be a pretty big difference between those who think of themselves as product companies building something for users to leverage to make their lives better, versus companies that have a different motivation behind the scenes. — MEGAN MAN VP of product design at Squarespace

Product Design

  • The seven key themes that emerged in 2020, from the increasing importance of design systems to the drivers of systemic change
  • Insights from industry experts, like Megan Man, VP of product design at Squarespace and Nathan Curtis, founder and principal at EightShapes
  • Advice on how to design a better future in 2021, informed by survey data from hundreds of our community members Read the report


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