That 90s Look is Coming Back - E.42 by Nicolas Lopardo

After the unexpected success of the previous posts we are happy to bring another installment of the series That 90s Look in graphic design, this time featuring the beautiful work that Nicolas Lopardo shared on Behance titled E.42. There are many things to love and talk about this project and why it deserves the feature as a good representation of that 90s look. For me I would say that the biggest references is the deconstructivist look with textures and those tiny fonts. A good reminder of the 90s and the love for pixel fonts alongside to keep them always sharp by snapping to the grid in Macromedia Flash. Good times indeed.

A good reminder of the 90s and the love for pixel fonts

Nicolas Lopardo is a designer based in Vancouver, Canada. His portfolio is filled with amazing projects, we highly recommend that you check it out at

Graphic Design 90s Look

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