Amazing Pure CSS Multicolor Gradients with Gradienta

Gradienta is one of Shahadat Rahman, a Bangladeshi product designer, graphic designer, speaker & passive happiness earner side project that he made for both designers and developers to use ultra lightweight, colorful, responsive backgrounds for their personal and commercial projects. It is free to use, open source and requires no credit or attribution at all.

All of these gradients are available as CSS codes, SVG and JPG images. If you are a designer, you can use SVG or JPG image in your projects. Therefore, a developer can use all CSS/SVG/JPG (even SVG codes) version in a website or app.

Some SVG file or CSS code render differently in different browsers and OS. In my opinion, this is beautiful. Why a webpage or app interface should look the same in different device? And otherwise, you have the option to use JPG image for accuracy.

CSS Backgrounds


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