Artist & Educator Jackson Alves' "36 Days of Practicing"

We were truly chuffed to see Jackson Alves' name in our inbox with some fresh new work. We've been inspired by this Brazilian calligraphy artist and educator for years so when Jackson reached out with his latest submission we couldn't help but share with our dear readers here.

Introducing 36 Days of Type - an excellent new body of work by Jackson Alves that invites designers, illustrators and graphic artists to express their particular interpretation of the letters and numbers of the Latin alphabet.

I started 2021 with the idea of creating something every single day to post on social media and try to motivate my followers and students to keep practicing their skills in calligraphy and lettering. So, when 36Days started on April 5th, I didn't doubt that I should create something tremendous and mix it with my "Whole Year Practicing" project.

For each day, Alves created each letter using three layers of information and three calligraphy styles, one above each other. The resulting work drew some attention, and you can check all the pieces below and the creative process! In addition, there are making of videos of the letters L, S, T, and U.

Also, many people commented, liked, and shared the collection, and some of them asked Alves to put the pieces for sale. Well, 36 samples would have some work to send worldwide, especially from Brazil. So, Alves has just entered the fantastic universe of the NFTs*! 

You too can have the opportunity to get one (or several) pieces of the collection by buying its NFT version that I'll launch for sales on December 7th! Each owner has access to the high resolution poster file if they want to print it. 

Set a calendar reminder as these unique 36 NFT pieces will drop on OpenSea Tuesday, December 7th, at 2 pm EST / 7 pm GMT.

A big shout out to Jackson Alves for always bringing the inspiration and innovation! Follow him on all of his social channels ...Instagram | YouTube | FaceBook

For more information check out Jackson on Twitter and Discord.

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