The Beauty of Editorial Design - NNU Magazine

Editorial design is the most inspiring area of design in my opinion. I know it’s a bold statement and totally based on personal opinion. I just feel that there’s an intrinsic beauty in typography and imagery with the primary goall of communicating something. NNU Magazine Issue No 11 highlights this point really well thanks to the awesome post shared by Mark Brooks. The contrast of font sizes, the grid, the colors. I could spend hours talking about this project alone. I know you may not understand by simply glancing at the images but to achieve that level of simplicity takes a lot of work.


Creative/Art Director, Designer: Mark Brooks

Photographers in this Issue: Russell Edwards, Franck Bohbot, Hanne Fuglbjerg, Kristian Granquist, Neel Munthe-Brun, Jakob Helbig, Jesper Drejer, Federico Cairoli

Printer: Hemlock Printers, Ltd BC, Canada

Editorial Design

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