Beyond—Stunning Outer Space Textures

Chrisb Marquez shared this project called Beyond—Stunning Outer Space Textures by Chroma Supply. Basically, it is  a set of 12 outer space textures in high resolution. They are 6000 pixels on the long edge, perfect for screen and print. They also  bring the wonder and awe of space into your next project. All textures are based on public domain space imagery from NASA which have been meticulously processed and recolored. Below you can see a few of them. Make sure to check out Chroma Supply for the full set. 

Image may contain: screenshotImage may contain: outdoor object, star and fireworksImage may contain: outdoor object, star and astronomyImage may contain: outdoor object, star and nebulaImage may contain: outdoor object, water and starImage may contain: star, outdoor object and water

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